About The Show
Three joyful, energetic Catholics take to the airwaves and share experiences of how God has worked in their lives and how we as God's children can live out the Gospel everyday.  The idea began on a golf course and has blossomed into a powerful radio experience which has given us opportunities to evangelize in ways we could have never imagined.  We are in our third year on the air and are really excited about the show and it's future.  We can't wait to share more of our faith journey with you.
John Lynch
Amber Lynch
Brent Masters
The 41 year old media producer grew up in suburban Chicago.  His love of the faith was formed at an early age by parents who both worked for the Catholic church. He moved to Atlanta in 1998 and has followed God's call to combine his love for media with his love for the church through the Catholic Cast show.  He has been writing a spiritual blog "Georgians Journey" since 2015.  John and Amber Lynch were married in 2011 and have 13 nieces and nephews.    
The 38 year old grew up on the coast of Oregon and moved to Atlanta in 2004. She is an occupational therapist by trade and had no idea she'd ever be on Catholic radio until she married John and accepted an invitation to be a guest on John and Brent's fifth show.  Her joy and passion for the faith was so loved by the listeners that she accepted the call to join the show full time. 
The 27 year old media professional ​grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta. He has grown up and been a Catholic since birth but has not always been the greatest Catholic. After working in radio in college at The University of West Georgia he felt God's call to combine his growing love for both radio and his faith into what has become The Catholic Cast. He is also the shows resident film buff and and is excited for what God's plan holds for his future.